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Music Education is expensive. These Guitar lessons will never be, just share the content you love with friends


Everything on this website is offered completely free from the beginner guitar lessons and courses to the advanced guitar courses on alternate picking, tapping, music theory for guitar and guitar songs lessons. Im starting to produce some paid content so that i can create better lessons for everyone. you can support me by sharing this page or making a purchase. This is a completely non profit course and all funds go back into development of the website courses and lessons


Everything is provided in the hope that this fantastic community share the guitar lessons they love using the share buttons on this site, telling your friends and getting involved.



Sign Up and take an active role in this community with access to secret guitar tricks and tips, new lessons, 1 to 1 chat with Rex Every week, you can also suggest future guitar lessons and get many more perks! It’s all completely free, even to be a member. I hope to keep it that way for everyone, forever but should things change, all members who sign up now will NEVER be charged for this service. Think of it as a thank you for joining this website while it’s in its early stages!

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