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Ed Sheeran- Lego House Guitar Lesson Chords Lead & Rhythm!

Ed Sheeran - Lego House Guitar Lesson Easy Beginner to Intermediate. No Need for Tab!


Welcome to this guitar lesson for Ed Sheerans great song Lego House from the album "+". No need for guitar tab with this guitar lesson, I cover everything you need to know. The chords, the rhythm guitar, Even a little lead guitar too if its there! -  Its a beautifully atmospheric song which should be played the same way, think about your dynamics when playing the chords and try and keep them smooth  This tune has a really interesting chord rhythm that uses a finger picking pattern that will will take some time to get keep at it and follow my tips for learning this song and try not to frustrate yourself. Once you get the changes the rest of the parts will sink in! I hope you enjoy this free guitar lesson and dont forget to share what you enjoy with your friends to keep the guitar lessons free.


A treat for beginner and intermediate guitarists. In this lesson i take you through each section and give you as many tips tricks and as much advise as i can so you are able to get the song down.


This song also includes the Rex Mastery Pack! which you can download, it contains all the chords, structures, practice tips, music theory and more advice so that not only will you be able to play the song, but will learn it fast, have complete understanding of what your playing and discover some of the secrets to playing it like it is!

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