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You can watch a video lesson but there will always be gaps in your knowledge, there will always be little tips, secrets, music theory, practice tips, warm ups and exercises that you may not be able to watch on a video. I have created the Mastery Packs to help those who really want to nail their chosen song and improve their knowledge at the same time. Each pack contains all the information within the videos and a great deal more.


You will get easy to read chord diagrams, Specialised warm ups and starter activities designed to let you perfect the song, not just random exercises! You also get relevant music theory to your chosen song with ideas on how to experiement. My secret practice tips that will help you tackle the song in a structured and productive way.


Not to mentions Lyrics sheets, strumming patterns and anything else that can help you Master the guitar. Its an easy 3 step process to get your hands on this fantastic Mastery Pack, just choose your song below and get started!

Welcome to the Mastery Packs Store, Learn your song and Play it to Perfection

Dont see a song you want to learn? Suggest one!

Find out when the next chart topping hit is out!


Select Your Song Below!

Dont Just Learn It! Master It!

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