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Live Work

Rex Pearson is an extremely versatile guitarist with a professional live guitar rig, able to tour with a variety of different styles, concept bands, showcases and all with a wealth of experience in Live Performance across the world. With performances for Virgin Records, EMI & MTV, Locations in Europe, UK  & Brunei you can be sure you have a professional to join your band. All live performance work will be considered, from standard Dep work requiring no creative expression but a perfect image and look to Touring bands/Artists who need that flair on stage.


                                           Just fill out the form below and get in touch to get started!


How much does it cost to have Rex Pearson join a tour?

Its all very flexible and each tour will be judged on its on merits, an example would be a 1 gig showcase £100-£150 (dependant on travel expenses) a 3 week tour based in the UK would be worked out as a salary, rather than on a gig by gig basis


Im a solo artist so dont have much of a budget, is the cost the same as the tourlears to book Rex Pearson?

Prices are  based on each gig and i do enjoy performing with new artists to the scene and have always had special rates for these performances. send me an enquiry and ii'll get back to you with a quote. If its just the 1 performance see above for a small tour we would come to an arrangement if the music is strong


I need to book you for a tour at short notice (less than 2 weeks) is this a problem

This is not a problem however subject to availability, feel free to contact me by filling out the form with a proposed date and providing i have no other commitments in Live or Studio work we can come to an arrangemet. In order to learn a full album i  request a minimum of a weeks notice to learn all the guitar parts by ear (no sheet music needed).


My band has a showcase night and we need a lead guitarist as ours has dropped out what are you rates?

See the top comment, generally a session rate of £100-150 for 1 perfromance depending on travel expenses


Do you do any Free Performances

I will consider all oportunities!

This is something that needs you to submit an enquiry form, for the right opportunity i would consider performing for expenses only. I have performed and in the past played for free but as this becomes less and less frequent your enquiry may not recieve  priority. It would have to be a very unique/challenging or large scale performance to book me for expenses. But do enquire and i will get back to you within 24hrs

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Book one of the most versatile guitarist around for your next performance

Going on tour and need a professional guitarist to join the ranks?


Solo artists; need a backing guitarist for a performance? Including Radio/TV interviews?


Record Lables and Management putting together a new tour or band ? Need a well presented guitarist with huge stage presence, virtuosity who is also flexibility and experienced?


Function Bands; need a professional and experienced dep guitarist with state of the art Gear?


Musicals/Theatre or Stage shows need a sight reading guitarists with personality and experience?


Would you like Rex Pearson to perform to students of your music course as part of seminar, masterclass or clinic?

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Who is Rex Pearson ?

Studio and live performance session guitarist Rex Pearson has worked with some top artists from around the country working with talent like Tinchy Strider, Shady Blue and chart topping Garage Artist Oggie. He has recorded in many of the best London studios working with Virgin Records, MTV, Spectra Records and Radio 1 Xtra and has been building an ever growing amount of interest within the music industry as a top choice for guitar whatever the style, whatever the setting, with flair and alive with artistic expression.


                               "His Professionalism is second to non, his ability on the guitar is astounding and                                                the unique way of approching composition legendary!"


He is now available as your own guitarist for hire by Artists Music Record Lables, Managment companies and bands live or studio session work.............