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Guitar Lessons By Popular Demand

Below you will find guitar lessons which do not belong to a structured course of lessons. Most of my free guitar lessons are developed and planned as part of a course so that you can make the most of your practice time. I do however occasionally create lessons that are in themselves a short course. It may be to work on particular riffs or licks lessons or to based on the requests of members. If you would like to ask for a particular lesson then just contact me using any of the links below! Enjoy the lessons and dont forget to share!

Top 5 Riffs and Licks From Tender Surrender Steve Vai

Vai Video Lesson

Top 5 Steve Vai Licks Lesson taken from Tender Surender


In this free guitar lesson for steve vai we will be looking at 5 of my favorite licks and riffs from his fantstic song Tender Surrender. I break down each riff into its componant parts so that you can learn to play the song.


This is one of my all time favourite songs of his that blends subtle tones and controlled nuance in a similar style to Wes Montgomery a guitarist known for his octave approach to melody writing which you will see at the start of this video which then progresses to absolute ballsy rock character all subtly woven together in 1 track. Tender surrender is tune I listened to when I was first starting out with guitar and one I had always wanted to play.


Top 5 Steve Vai Licks Lesson Click Here

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