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 Series 2:  Level 3 Beginner Guitar Course

The level 3 Beginner Guitar Course is your gateway to becoming a more rounded musician, you will develop a few new techniques, begin your exploration of lead guitar/finger style/new chords/barre chords/music theory/chord theory and also some of my hints and tips that can literally take years off the learning process for most guitarists. No need to memorise loads of chords, I’ll show you my method for learning 12 different chords with just 1 shape. Sounds too good to be true but you really don’t need to memorise chord shapes! When you’re done take the exam, head to the forum for help and then you’re ready to move on to the final stage of my beginner series!




Remember that if you get something from these lessons and would like more, share your experiences with others online. Join the Facebook group, Take a more active role and head to the forums to suggest new lessons you would like. The more sharing the more lessons i can provide for the members of the site!

Follow the course and then take the exam!

Guitar Level 3 Exam

Guitar Level 3Exam Warning make sure you have followed all the parts so you can answer these questions confidently

Dont forget to check the forums for help


Part 1: An Easy (ish) F Chord

Part 4: Playing with a Capo

Part 6: Jason Mraz Im Yours Guitar Lessons

Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson

Part 7:Jason Mraz Im Yours Part 2

Video Lesson

Part 5: Barre Chord Theory

Video Lesson

Part 8: Finger Picking 101

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Part 2 The Dreaded F chords

Video Lesson

Part 3: Song Using An F Chord

Part 9: Green Day Time Of Your Life Lesson

Video Lesson

Part 10: Green Day Time Of Your Life Lesson Pt2

Video Lesson

Part 11: Your first Scale. Pentatonic Minor

Video Lesson Beginner Series Beginner Series

An Easy F Major chord for beginners. The F chord is a tough one and something you need to spend a bit of time on, here i show you a way of gradually increasing the difficulty to one of the most infamous chords around!

Ok the big one, otherwise known as the dreaded F chord, for good reason. It may sound like a simple enough chords but in order to play it you will need to master a few techniques all at once. It’s a 6 string barre chord. When you have the Easy F down then attempt this one. Keep at it and don’t give up.  You Can Do It!

Ok so you have got the basics of the major chord down. WELL DONE! In this guitar lesson it’s time to see if we can use this chord and start playing with it musically. The best way to do that is with a song. Here i show you a great chord progression, some strumming patterns to use and then it’s down to use to work on the changing exercises to make it flow from one chord to the next

In this guitar lesson we look at the humble Capo. What is it, why do we use it and what do we do with it! It a great question, it effectively makes playing in strange keys easier, I’m not a great lover of Capos as i feel you should be able to play in any key without this aid, If you a singer however it can be quite useful to not need to think too much about your guitar chords!

So you got the F major chord down right? This guitar lesson is a 2 part song lesson that looks at using barre chords the whole song with the exception of the 3rd chord. This is a great song to practice learning song structures/strumming patterns and really get to grips with these 6 string barre chords.


We look at the final sections of the song and without really focussing on it you will be working the key muscle groups for getting 6 string barre chords. Who could have thought barre chords would be so much fun! Right!? If you having any problems just head to the forum where we have a great bunch of guys here to support each other

Barre chords are like a replacement for the Capo, in this guitar lesson we look at how you can take a simple Major or Minor shape and make it a movable shape. This allows you to master a lot more chords than you might think. With 1 shape you will know another 24 different Major/Minor Chords! A neat trick that saves bags of time!

Video Lesson

Part 12: Level 3 Chords!

Part 13: Opening the Fretboard

Video Lesson

In this guitar lessons we will be looking at the basics behind left and right hands for finger picking technique. As this beginner course is designed to open up the world of guitar regardless of style this small module will give you an introduction to the style which you can carry on following in my acoustic series for advancing guitarists

So you got the basics. It’s now time to start learning a song that uses it! let’s start making music! This lesson will give you an idea of more advance finger picking patterns. It quite a tough song and a true accomplishment if you can get it! One to impress the friends with! for more fingerpicking lessons suggest some in the forum

The second part of this song lessons. This lesson will give you an idea of more advance finger picking patterns. It quite a tough song and a true accomplishment if you can get it! One to impress the friends with! For more fingerpicking lessons suggest some in the forum

Scales are much more than most people think. Yes they are notes that work within a key; yes they set the goal posts for you to create melodies. But all the chords you have learnt are actually built from scales; in fact all music is built off scales. Don’t just learn the notes, let their sound enter your heart and embrace it! We will cover theory later

Some new guitar chords! It seems like ages since you learnt the dreaded F chord right? Now it’s time to look at some new chord qualities called 7th chords. You will learn Major 7th Minor 7th dominant 7th and diminished 7th. They are ordered in popularity used in most music. I'll only show you the most used shapes so you don’t waste time!

This will use your barre chord theory so make sure you understand the concept in part 5 before moving on! We apply this same theory you already know to your new 7th chord shapes and watch how you suddenly (without having to learn anything new) unlock 36 different 7th chord shapes. Well Done You!

Part 14: Round Up and Practice Plan

Video Lesson

Its important (If you know my practice tips) to re-cap information when you have covered it, you should try and do this anyway but if not. Here is a short lesson re-capping all the information you should be aware of, you’re now ready to take the Level 3 Guitar Exam!

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