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Chord Scale Relationships Introduction

Chord scale relationships guitar Lesson Description


This is an introduction to the world of improvisation and understanding that there is a relationship between chords and scales! Not many people know the secret to finding out keys, playing the right notes, improvising over chord progressions or playing catchy melodies. The biggest question musicians often face when they reach quite a high level of playing is " How do I improvise over X chord Progression" or "How do i know what key im playing in" Unfortunately the way most of us learn guitar makes it very difficult to figure out this puzzle. So I have created a series that will hopefully blow away the myths and reveal how chords and scales are linked, how to work out chord progressions, how to improvise over any chord progression and to get a deeper understanding of the music you are playing! This is not an easy task and this course is pretty intensive, detailed and thorough. There won’t be to much playing involved as its all about working things out. There is no other course out there that attempts to answer one of the biggest questions guitarists will face, so here is my shot at it


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