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Welcome And Get Ready To Learn How To Play The Latest Songs On Guitar


Here is the place where you put all you have learnt in the beginner guitar courses to the test and start learning some of the latest songs in the charts. Impress your friends with your new skills by learning to play some the best tunes in the charts on your guitar! Each song comes with its own Mastery Pack, It contains everything you need to get complete perfection of your chosen song and learn it as quickly as possible. Each one contains easy to read Guitar chords with fingerings for every track, Structures, Lead guitar parts, practice tips, my secret advice for learning your song, Tab, strumming patterns and more! Just click on the mastery pack symbol next to each track to get going

Welcome to Rex Song Lessons For Guitar, Learn to play the latest tracks on guitar!

Dont see a song you want to learn? Suggest one!

Find out when the next chart topping hit is out!

Guitar-Songs-Description-With-Rex-Pearson-Learn-La Mastery Packs Bookshelf Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Mastery Packs

Want To Master The Song? Try Out The Guitar Mastery Packs


Dont see a song you want to learn? Suggest one!

Adele-Someone-Like-You-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Finger Cold-Play-Every-Tear-Drop-Is-A-WaterFall-Guitar-Le ColdPlay-Yellow-Guitar-Chords-Song-Lesson-Album-Co Green-Day-Time-Of-Your-Life-Finger-Picking-Guitar- Jason-Mraz-Im-Your-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Strumming- Kings-Of-Leon-Back-Down-South-Guitar-Lesson-Chords Snow-Patrol-Chasing-Cars-Guitar-Lesson-Rex-Pearson Bruno-Mars-Lazy-Song-You-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Fing Incubus--Promises-Guitar-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord- Foo-Fighters-Rope-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Lead-Single Adele-Someone-Like-You-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Finger Adele-Someone-Like-You-Guitar-Lesson-Chords-Finger Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-The-Adventures-Of-Rain-Dance

Pick Your Guitar Song! And Start Learning To Play It!

Video Lesson Video Lesson Ed-Sheeran-Legohouse-legohouse-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming--Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Ed-Sheeran-you-need-me-i-dont-need-you-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming-tab-Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Video Lesson SnowPatrol-This-ISnt_everything-you-are-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming--Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Bruno--Mars-It-Will-Rain-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming--Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson Video Lesson James-morrison-Up--Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming--Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Ed-Sheeran-you-need-me-i-dont-need-you-Lesson-Rex-Pearson-Chord-Strumming-tab-Album-Cover-Small-THumbnail Video Lesson Cold-Play-Every-Tear-Drop-Is-A-WaterFall-Guitar-Le
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