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This sweep picking lick is based of 2 key chords that are broken up into 3 patterns. Learn the 3 arpeggios first and then add in the slides. Combine the both hands together and you get an awesome new lick you can take into your own playing


Its important you follow the structure of this lesson when learning the lick and try not to rush things. Practice with a metronome will help you achieve the speed but ONLY when you have practiced it at a slow and accurate tempo.



Series 9 Beginner - Advanced Sweep Picking Techniques Tutorials & Guitar Lessons

Welcome to the sweep picking technique section of thye website where beginners and advanced guitarists can come to push their playing to new levels with a guitar technique that really draws attention. Sweep picking is all about economy of motion and developing this correctly is what people find the most difficult as the co-ordination between left and right hands needs to be exceptional. I will be developing one of the most comprehensive courses ever created on developing strong sweep picking technique from beginners up. In the mean time i will be posting individual lessons for you to enjoy.


I encourage you to take each lesson and try to develop the exercises rather than just learning what i have played to you. Try them out in different musical situations or try to develop your own variation. You will be surprised how creative you can be when you take these ideas as starting points.


Good luck on your sweep picking adventure!

Sweep Picking Decending Run Using Extended Chord Shapes

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Latest Lesson On Sweep/Economy Picking For Guitar

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