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Studio Booking Page

Just fill out the form below to get professional guitar tracks to add to your composition/music project and save $$$ on your recording costs


Not all information is needed but the more detail the easier it will be to match your needs for the perfect sound!

Booking Information

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  When you have filled in this form you will receive your quote and time to completion.


 A 50% Deposit will be requested to start work and should be paid using the PayPal link in the quote or on this site

  -Your purchase is protected by PayPal

  -Full amount paid on completion of project and only when          completly happy







 You will receive a membership and web-page dedicated to your music project which is constantly updated with your latest guitar track for auditioning


 As the guitar track is recorded it will be uploaded to your page for you to review and comment. Or you may directly speak to Rex Pearson the during project length


The full remaining cost will be invoiced to you and paid, after which the full quality track in any format you wish will be sent to your email.


 The guitar track is yours to enjoy and promote; add to your current tracks, use for Film Tv or Radio. Publicity will also be made on this page for the right projects


Please read the

Frequently Asked Questions:

So how much does the average hire service cost for a track?

Each quote is worked out based on the amount of time/creativity required to complete the work. An already written Pop song with guitar solo, rhythm and riff elements needed would cost around £80-100. A co-writing project in a classical or jazz style which you would like Rex Pearson to put a creative stamp on it would take more time and is a much more involved process. this would be around the £250-300 mark


Do you have music examples of past projects?

Yes many! some of which are on this site under Music and on the studio page, go have a listen and if you would like more just ask!


What about copyright if my album goes onto sell?

All is in the terms and conditions for studio work, but put simply you can do what you wish with the music and have complete control. Credit for guitar should be given as Rex Pearson. should your album start selling, standard musicians royalities apply providing Rex has not contributed creativily to the work, if Rex has contributed creativly then a Co-Writing credit will be applicable


What if i am not happy with the work, is there a refund process?


Rex Pearson only keeps a 50% deposit during the work which is non refundable, if you are not happy with the music outcome. We work in consultation with you until you are happy, if this cannot happen then you will not be debited the remaining 50%.  Communication with Rex Pearson is importantant to the process, any problems will be given plenty of time to sort and your own page is updated with the latest progress of your work. if you are not happy with the work the ramaining 50% will not be invoiced and any mastered tracks will be kept on file should you decide to have them


I have some questions i would like to ask Rex Pearson directly, is this possible?

As a member you will have access to Rex Pearsons contact details and email address. You will be working closely with him untill you are completely happy with the work.  Contact Rex