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Terms and Conditions For Recording Studio Work

Below is an Free example contract agreement which you will be sent before studio work begins and details your rights to the music when the project is complete. This is an example and you are able to take a look at the free contract

The most important aspects are that you will own your creative musical works which allows you to use it however and whenever you want, this is simply a Guitarist for Hire Service with no future money required by you with regards to copyrights.


There will however be a standard royality fee paid by the PRS (Not You Directly) on future sales due to having another performer on your track. This is standard for all musical works and session musician works


If Rex Pearson has contributed to the creative development of the work a slightly different agreement is formed in that Rex Pearson will have a Co-Writing  credit reasonably proprtional to the overal piece and will be agreed in consultation with any client


If you need any aspects of this explained simply contact me (link is at the bottom of this page) I have always coducted an honest and fair system for session work and value a strong relationship with all clients based on professionalism quality and honesty. These terms are designed to be as user friendly as possible with nothing to hide. Do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to question any area of this contract

CONTRACT BETWEEN Daniel Rex Pearson To (insert name)

Date: _14/03/2010_______________  Gentlemen: Daniel Rex Pearson (musician) to (Company name, artists name)

This letter will serve as an acknowledgement of your engagement of my services as a studio musician at the following studio session(s) (Rex Pearson Studio)


Recording Artist: Daniel Rex Pearson                                              

Recording Studio: Rex Pearson Studio                                        

Composition(s) Performed By Daniel Rex Pearson:

Is this the beginning?

Call me Charlie

Paradise Found

A fall from grace

Troubled Man

Ophslia Lied

This fixation of an idea                                      


Session Date(s): (insert Date)                                      

1.1 All recordings produced at the subject recording session ("Masters"), as well as all performances embodied thereon, all phonograph records and other derivatives of the Masters, and all copyrights and renewal copyrights therein, free of any claim whatsoever by me or by anyone deriving rights from me.  For the purpose of and without limiting the foregoing, you (Company name or Artists name) shall have the right throughout the world at any time to manufacture, advertise, sell, lease, license, distribute or otherwise exploit any Master hereunder and all my performances embodied therein and to authorize others to do so or to refrain from doing so.  


1.2 I Daniel Rex Pearson hereby acknowledge and agree that each Master: (1) is prepared within the scope of your engagement of my personal services and is a work-made-for-hire, or  (2) as a part of a long-playing album master constitutes a work specifically ordered by you for use as a contribution to a collective work and shall be considered a creative work .


1.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, I Daniel Rex pearson acknowledge and agree that to the extent, if any, that I may be deemed an "author" of any Master, I hereby grant and assign to you all exclusive rights of copyright therein.  


1.4 You shall also have the right to use and permit others to use my name (including any legal or professional name now or hereafter used by me), likeness, biographical material and/or facsimile signature for advertising and trade purposes in connection with the exploitation of the Masters in any form or manner whatsoever.


1.5 You also agree to credit, in full, Daniel Rex Pearson on all Masters or part masters in any future publicity or design album work or any form of advertisement relating to the Masters and the above compositions.  


1.6 By signing this contract you also agree to acknowledge creative work (if any) to the above music works or any derivative of such works  and as such award a co-writing credit to your work for the purposes of royalty and a reasonble and proportional share of the copyrights to such work for collection on future sales. all work not written by Daniel Rex Pearson will carry with it no copyrights and is subject to terms in section 1.1


1.7 Payment. Any work already written and recorded will carry with it the standard rights detailed above and considered a work for hire agreement.



You agree to pay a 50% deposit on the above project payable via Paypal, Credit or Debit card or cash before the start of work by Daniel Rex Pearson.

On completion of the project you agree to pay in full the remaining amount in full within 7 days

Only when full payment is received will the full quality works be sent to you via any method you choose.

Quotes are valid for 30 days and decided by Daniel Rex Pearson


The above rates are exclusive of travel costs & porterage which should be agreed reasonable before the day of required work and payed only on the production of receipt from the legitimate train, tube company or at 50 pence per mile if traveling by car.



Signed. By signing both parties agree to all the points stated in the contract above


Session Musician…………………Date………..                                                         Gerry Dowling…………………..Date……………..

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