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Tapping Arpeggios Of Death Shred Guitar Lesson

Arpeggio of Death 2 Fingered Tapping Demonstration Lesson Included!


Welcome to this demonstration for those Advanced Guitarists, Shred guitar, rock & Metal fans!


I call it the Tapping Arpeggio of Death Demonstration, Quite simply its a cool arpeggio tapping lick that you can translate into any style of playing to give you a really unique sound. Shred it up at lightning speed or play it slow and explore the harmonic possibilities that this riff could give you.


Tapping is the technique of using the right hand to play notes as well as the left hand. Famous guitarists of  this technique include almost every modern electric guitarist in the  rock genre and the Godfather of tapping Eddie Van Halen.


The result of tapping can make your lines and playing sound super smooth and allow you to play arpeggios and combinations of notes that would be impossible to re-create any other way. Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube page to get your hit of guitar lessons every week.


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