Rex Pearson Wins Youtube NextUp 2012 + All Competition Winners!


“Rex Pearson is a winner of Youtube Nextup 2012”


So whats this NextUp about?


As i type this entry into the website blog i am still staggered by the news im about to share with you. I entered the YouTube Nextup 2012 with an idea i loved but a slightly naive belief that it wouldn't be seen. With 10’000’s entering to win the race for the Nextup Campaign 2012 i was a preverbal needle in a monumental haystack. But someone, somewhere, in the under belly of the Youtube machine believed in what i am trying to create and i have to say it is a fantastic feeling to be told that they believe, as i do in the website. If you would like to find out more about the vision behind the website and the channel, its by my name in the winners list below.























I cant go on with this post without dedicating a small morsel of text to those who are taking the time to read this and for members of the website for their most amazing support. Also from friends, family and those who have discovered the lessons and courses in one form or another in the world wide web! Without you guys i would not have come close to having had the motivation to keep on improving and developing the website and the YouTube Channel and ultimately would never have entered the Youtube NextUp 2012 competition!


I thought i would make this page “The” resource for anyone wishing to find out about the youtube next up 2012 winners and thus will be updating this blog post with the links to the other Youtube NextUp Winners and also a bit of information about them as-well, its an exciting time for us all and im looking forward to meeting them!

So what is Youtube NextUp 2012? For those of you who may not know its a competition run by Youtube to find the next great content creators and give them a helping hand up the ladder.


In youtube’s own words:


NextUp is a development program exclusively designed for YouTube Partners with bags of potential. We’d love to see even more partners using the site as a launchpad to career success, so we’re supporting them through funding, education and promotions via NextUp. By helping them invest in new equipment and training, talented creators are going to develop whole new genres and online experiences for audiences around the world


The Youtube Nextup Prizes: Winners will receive an all expenses paid to trip to London, where you’ll be able to attend a week of hands-on training and mentorship in our brand new creator space, complete with studios, editing suites and the latest audio-visual equipment. I’ll be sharing this experience with the other winners from all over the world. In addition, winners will get a €4,000 video equipment package and €3,000 in cash to help boost the quality of your content as well as promotion across YouTube to help you build your audience


A list of the winners for Youtube Nextup 2012 is below. Feel free to pay their channel a visit:


Youtube NextUp Winner Number 1.


Rex Pearson (YouTube Channel: rexpearson1)

Its all about innovation and inspiration for musicians or those wanted to play music. Each week i release a video aimed at getting more people playing the most beautiful instrument in the world! Guitarists from all over the world can come  to see not only great lessons but also really unique guitar performances, collaborations with many of the artists on Youtube, discussions for subscribers to get passionate about, interviews with people making waves, reviews and ideas that keep people picking up their guitar each week


2. languedepub2 - France

3. lemondedeloka - France

4. ikerplan - Spain

5. davidcpv- Spain

6. lasupercafetera - Spain

7. wohnprinz - Germany

8. alive4fashion - Germany

9. mirrorzfx - Germany

10. bullshittehvau - Germany

11. doktorallwissend - Germany

12. paei100 - Poland

13. bankowo1 - Poland

14. alexdyhovichniy - Russia

15. wanttoknowru - Russia

16. polinarepik - Russia

17. jlvi13 - Netherlands

18. tc - Netherlands

19. francescosanseverino - Italy

20. ifraffrog - Italy

21. licaoni - Italy

22. ragenineteen - UK

23. jackhoward - UK

24. thatjennybee - UK

25. victorioussponge - UK


So What Next?


2nd of december 2012 we are going Live on air with the YouTube NextUp team followed by the week long training session with some great industry professionals. I’ll be staying with all the other contestant winners from around the world which im really looking forward to meeting. Needless to say i will be keeping everyone updated with the week long event at the YouTube Hq in London, reporting on the goings on, what im learning, and ultimately what the project is that i will be creating. Id also like to do some live streams on air from the event so keep checking back to the website homepage and Youtube channel, its going to be a busy week!


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